• Chili Bean (Toban Djan) 226g
  • Chili Bean (Toban Djan) 368g
Chili Bean (Toban Djan) 226gChili Bean (Toban Djan) 368g

Chili Sauce

Chili Bean (Toban Djan)

Chili Sauce

Chili Bean (Toban Djan)

  • Natural MSGNatural MSGNatural MSG
    Natural MSG
  • No Added ColorNo Added ColorNo Added Color
    No Added Color
  • No Added PreservativesNo Added PreservativesNo Added Preservatives
    No Added Preservatives
  • VeganVeganVegan

Made from selected high-quality peppers marinated with broad beans. This umami, salty sauce has a lingering mild spiciness and the tag of fermnted beans that does well with many types of food,



Soybeans, Wheat

Pack Sizes

226g, Jar
368g, Jar

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