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Stuffed Squid with Pork in Chili Bean Sauce

Preparation Time:   15  (mins)
Cooking Time:   15  (mins)
Cooking Method:   Braise
Cook level:   Normal
Serving Size:   4  (person)

Hot Level 2

Squid (s) 250 g / 克 [1 pc]
Minced pork 150 g / 克
Onion(s) 50 g / 克 [diced]
Leek 50 g / 克 [shredded]


Chili Bean Sauce 1 tbsp / 湯匙
Premium Oyster Sauce 1 tbsp / 湯匙
Cooking Wine 1 tbsp / 湯匙
Sugar 1/2 tsp / 茶匙
Pepper to taste
Chili Bean Sauce 1 1/2 tbsp / 湯匙
Corn starch 1 tsp / 茶匙
Sugar 1/2 tsp / 茶匙
Water 250 ml / 毫升

  1. Mix pork with marinade and onion.
  2. Stuff the squid tube with minced pork until 2/3 full. Secure the opening with a toothpick.
  3. Pan-fry squid in 2 tbsp oil until golden yellow. Stir in sauce mix and cook for 15 minutes or until pork is done, turning once. Add shredded leek and stir well.

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